Maxa brings Contactless payments to online shopping.


It’s really that simple.

All payment problems resolved

E-commerce payments have multiple problems, including Card-Not-Present fraud, 3D Security failing every fifth payment for no reason, high cost and very low conversion rate. All these problems are due to the same root cause – no POS terminals. None of those issues exist in-store.

POS as a Service for eCommerce has arrived!

Maxa Contactless, revolutionising eCommerce payments

Your customers can now pay for online shopping in the same familiar, quick and secure way as they have already done for years at a point of sale.

One tap. It’s really that easy.

Better conversion

Maxa Contactless transactions are very easy, reliable and quick. Almost impossible not to complete.

Shoppers never need to key in the long card number and other card data or logon to an online bank or anywhere else.

Maxa transactions never fail or are delayed due to 3D Security either.

Card + PIN

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) has never been easier, shoppers tap their card and enter its PIN on their own trusted phone.

The very same familiar user experience everyone trusts.

High value payments and PSD2 ‘Soft Decline’ are problems no more.

It’s a merchant’s branded POS on online shopper’s phone

Your company’s and acquiring bank’s logos will be on the best place on the Maxa App screen when your customers pay.

We do the same with the receipt and deliver it immediately to the shopper’s phone.

“Maxa Contactless is a clear winner”

No more, no less.

This was Kantar TNS’s conclusion after they had performed a thorough consumer survey on eCommerce payment methods representing 2.5 million adults globally.

59% would buy more online with Maxa Contactless

Adding Maxa Contactless payment method on your website is easier than you dare to dream

You will be surprised. Your PSP will do the job for you and you don’t need to do anything.

If you don’t have a PSP, it’s a Copy-Paste job to add seven lines of HTML on your website and you will be ready to take Contactless EMV payments from your customers. You don’t even need a PCI DSS certification as there will be no card related data passing your website.

Contact us, your PSP or Acquirer for more information.

Maxa Contactless explained in 142 seconds

Maxa Contactless is a unique solution that makes online payments work as they should: the speed, security and convenience of contactless payments, now online. Everyone loves it.

Our Vision

To make online payments work as they should – so everyone will pay and receive money cheaper, faster and more securely.

Highest Security Only – No Compromises

Maxa Contactless was built with security at the heart.

Our solution is designed and built from day one as a super-scalable, hybrid, cloud-based POS terminal network with strong multi-layer end-to-end hardware backed security.

We don’t know how to say that better. It’s as secure as it gets!