What Consumers Say

We have conducted extensive testing of our solution and market research with consumers. Put simply, we know Maxa Online Contactless works, and consumers love it.

Independent research conducted with consumers by Kantar TNS has concluded that consumers find Maxa Online Contactless safe, fast, simple and convenient to use. Our solution proved so popular with “early adopter” consumers that more than a third of this group wanted to start using Online Contactless immediately, and 40% said they would “definitely” use Maxa Online Contactless. Further data from our research demonstrates that –

Maxa Online Contactless is fast and easy to use:
67% of those testing Maxa Online Contactless found our solution “easy to use”
60% identified Maxa Online Contactless as “the quickest” solution for online payments

Maxa Online Contactless drives new business:
59% of consumers surveyed said they would shop more online using Maxa Online Contactless
44% said they would use Maxa Online Contactless either “always”, or, “most of the time”

Maxa Online Contactless is safe and secure:
60% of consumers liked the fact there is no need to key in card details
60% liked Online Contactless because no personal or financial information is communicated
52% said Maxa Online Contactless is a safe and secure solution, a high percentage for a new product.

To find out more about how Maxa Online Contactless bridges the gap between contactless payments and e-commerce, and how it will fit your payments strategy as an SCA-compliant, secure solution, download our White Paper [link to White Paper]